Thursday, November 15, 2018

Topp(s) Of The Month November/December Promotion

I have been saying this for months that I am creating a new promotion for my Topps reviews and it's finally time to announce it.

My promotion is called Topp(s) Of The Month.

Each month I will announce a new category in which one winner will receive a mail bubbler of goodies from recent reviews.

Examples of categories can be, Most Generous Collector, New Collector, Blogger Of The Month, and so on and so forth. I will be asking for nominations for these categories by email, tweets and DM's on Twitter. Please use the Hashtag #SCCToppsOfTheMonthPromo so I can search for entries on Twitter easier when it's time for the winner announcement.

Winners will be chosen by my discretion. If you don't win, just come back again, don't take it personally as someone else nomination may have been more than one or maybe had a better reasoning. There will be plenty of categories where you can even nominate yourself sometimes.

The main goal is for not only myself to give back to the hobby and make someones month in the hobby community. For that month they will be Topp Of The Month on here. I might even print off a certificate of some sort to go along with the prize pack.

So let's get to some more small print details before I announce what the topic is for the month of November/December. I decided to combine two months for the start of this since I am kicking it off so late and for the topic.

Other small print rules are,
  2. Sport Card Collectors, it's blog owner Matt or Topps WILL NOT be responsible for lost, stolen or damaged mail. That's up to USPS, not us.
  3. Follow all directions or be disqualified.
  4. Please thank Topps for their generosity in this contest and PLEASE post your prizes for others to see. I want to continue doing this and posting pictures of your prizes will help.
For November/December of 2018,

I want to make some kids Christmas. I have been setting prizes aside for one kid to hopefully enjoy one great gift in the hobby. So I am looking for nominations for a kid who could use a hobby gift for Christmas and why they deserve it. You know no naughty list, they helped others, they donated for a cause, they lost things in a fire, they had good grades, etc. I will choose one lucky kid from the group to receive a mail day of inserts and hits.

If for some reason this really blows up and lots of entries flow in, more kids may be chosen for a second through how many ever place I choose PWE prize.

To nominate your child or someone else's child, please submit a nomination via Twitter @SportCardCollec and @Topps and use the hashtag #SCCToppsOfTheMonthPromo. You can also DM me your submission as well, post it on Sport Card Collectors Facebook page using the hashtag and tagging Topps, or email it to me at I am trying to leave it open to all forms of social media since I know not everyone has Twitter.

Good luck and I look forward to these submissions. You will have a month from today or maybe a little less to submit them so I can make sure to mail out their prizes before Christmas. So get those submissions in!


  1. Very cool and very generous. Outside of one student who collects those Stranger Things cards... and another who is a diehard Yankees fan... I don't really know any kids who actively collect. Most of my students just get excited if I offer up a Curry or Durant base card.

    1. You can submit them in as well for a suggestion.