Thursday, November 22, 2018

Very Thankful 2018

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you enjoy your big ole turkey feast with your family and friends with many laughs and memories. Also remember there is football on today too!

I just wanted to come on here quickly and tell you things I am thankful for. I am thankful for my wife and family. I am thankful to God who loves me and takes care of me. I am thankful I lived to another Thanksgiving and woke up every day since the last one. In life, there are no promises. I am thankful for this blog and the opportunities is has presented me over the years. I am thankful for Topps, Panini, BCW Supplies, Midwest Box Breakers and Auction Ink for giving me a chance to spread the word about their great products while also being able to give back to the hobby. I am also thankful for the many, many online friends I have met through Twitter and the blogging universe. Most of you guys are better than my real life friends. It always amazes me how close a lot of us are even though we may never meet. That's called true friendship.

I appreciate all of you and am thankful to have you in my life somehow, but some of you I am extra thankful to know such as Wes, @Jake1725, @90sNicheFBCard, @JG24fanever and @ShaneSalmonson.

I am also thankful for a friend like Scribbled Ink who saw I was on a 10 day mail day less streak and offered to help end it. Like I said above, this is an amazing group of collectors I have got to know.

He passed three cards along PWE style I didn't have.

My boy Griffey Jr from 1992 Classic. I really need to update my Griffey Jr numbers on here.

Aaron Judge from Revolution. This card looks spectacular! I wished Panini would make this a stand-a-lone product and get an MLB license. Can you imagine Revolution being brought back full time as a line again. As a 90's guy, I can. I hope they think about a football comeback with it as well.

And finally, another new shiny Judge. This is pretty awesome card as well.
Thanks to Scribbled Ink for his kindness and hope you liked my return favor.

I will be prepping my world famous, well, family famous, mashed potatoes soon so gotta end this post. I do wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving, thank you for coming here daily, weekly or monthly to check out my ramblings the past six years. Enjoy every minute of today and remember what you are thankful for.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy the day.

  2. Your package for me was better. Happy Thanksgiving.

    1. I really enjoyed yours as well. Same to you!

  3. Very nice Griffey card. I usually can't say much good about Yankees cards so I'll leave those alone. :) Hope you had a good Thanksgiving!