Wednesday, April 11, 2018

All Washed Up

I did something stupid recently.

I left a stack a stack of cards I was pulling from sleeves near a pile of dirty laundry (the cards were stacked on my desk but weeble-wobbling above the dirty laundry on the other side of my desk) and upon picking up the pile, some had fallen into it. I was pretty sure I had grabbed them all when I was sorting the clothes out until I had washed the load....

A 2016 Panini Prizm Jarvis Landry base card was left behind in the midst somehow. I don't like having a card destroyed but at least it was just a base card. Could have been a lot worse.

So if you are curious what happens to a Panini Prizm base card after going through the wash, well. here we go.

The sleeve it was in is and still is soaked. I can't seem to dry it and probably won't bother anymore at this point.

The card from the side view after pulling it out. It is bent but also has some wiggle.

The front looks no different but you can feel it.

The back of the card shows that the middle wasn't wet yet.

Here is a better angle of that when I put some light on it.

I have been trying to dry the card out for awhile now and it doesn't seem to be healing any better and pretty much looks the same as it did coming out of the wash. All I know is, next time I will make sure that I sort my laundry as well as I sort my cards.


  1. Sorry to see that. Amazing how little damage the front took. You could still put it in the end cap of a binder and it'd look fine.

    1. I think I may do that. Right now it's just s discussion piece

  2. Now it's a Jarvis Laundry card! B^}

  3. I legit came here to make sure someone made the Jarvis Laundry pun. I'm off to make bad jokes elsewhere!

  4. Bummer. On the bright side... it could have been much worse. My buddy had to throw away an entire 5,000 box last month. He had about 5 or 6 5k boxes stacked in front of his fireplace. One day he was transferring them to his garage when he noticed that there bottom box was damp. Water had somehow leaked in from the chimney and the bottom box soaked up the water. The box was completely ruined... and there was black mildew growing. The box on top of it was damaged too... but the cards weren't as bad. He was able to salvage some of those cards b/c they were in penny sleeves.

  5. Bummer. Water is bane of any card collector!