Monday, April 16, 2018

Sets Of My Childood THE SERIES! Part 2:1995 Summit Rookie Summit

Welcome to the new series here on Sport Card Collectors!

I decided not only would I make a want list of each of the sets I am chasing in a tab, but I thought a little breakdown and feature may help get me more set help. I am sure many of the sets I am seeking are nickel and dime type of cards so I am hoping my trader friends can be on the lookout for any I don't have.
Those crazy high flying rookies from 1995. There was just something eye appeasing about these 1995 Summit inserts known as Rookie Summit. The rookies appear to be reaching their Summit on these foil board inserts. Just like in Part 1 with Pro Line, Summit was another product that I loved and was vastly available to me. You will actually see multiple Summit offerings in this series.

There were 18 cards in this set featuring some of the top rookies from 1995 including one Terrell Davis. The cards fell at 1:23 packs so basically one per box. I currently have 5 out of 18. So not even a third of the way there.

My current haves are,
7,8,13,14, and 15

Once again, this is another project I have a long ways to go with.

How many of you remember or collected these?

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