Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Cardboard Generosity Strikes Again!

I am not sure what I did to deserve to be treated the way I did, but I hope whatever it is, I am making sure that I also treat others the same way.

Last week I was gifted some cardboard in the mail by a couple of collectors. One, I have known for a long time and one that I had just met.

First up, @JGfan24ever worked his magic and bought me this Cody Latimer auto for my Giants PC. I know he isn't wearing Giants blue, but it works for me and he could become a big contributor this season without Odell and down Corey Coleman and also without Golden Tate the first four games.

Thanks for the autograph Michael!

The next mail day came from @Metallicarl who is apart of a weekly giveaway thread that @ngtcollectibles hosts on Twitter I have been apart of. So far I have given but not received in that thread. Which is fine as it is better to give, but was really cool to find out something was heading my way.

And here is what he sent!
Phil Simms

Amani Toomer. I had forgotten about this 90's design

Some Rodney cardboard. The rookie I am setting out to chase 100 copies of. It's my goal with three of his rookies including the 1990 Topps and 1990 Score.

Eli! Gonna have a big year. Just wait.

Mixed players including an Eli

LT!!! And Eli and a Dave Meggett to help my set for 1995 Sportflix. That's a double PC card

Older Gmen

Then came some vintage Giants. Not names I know because of my age, but I am really enjoying these. I have been wanting to add some older Giants to my collection to round it out better.

Back to newer stuff

The Thunder is coming!

More Ike. So it's Ike And Ike...

Joe Jur

One of my favorite Giants Free Agent pick ups all time. Plax made Eli. Gonna throw that out there.

And we end with some Tiki.

Appreciate the mail day @Metallicarl!

And one more card that was passed along from @Neil_Russell41 who is also apart of a weekly giveaway thread that @ngtcollectibles hosts on Twitter sent this Daniel Jones Score insert.
Thanks Neil!! Now I need to update my Giants PC numbers on here.

Some great cardboard generosity in this mail day. Seeing a lot of this going around recently and I am happy to be apart of the giving right along with it.


  1. I've seen these giveaway threads a few times, I've even thought about offering up a few things, but so far have decided against doing so. It just seems like there's far too many takers than there are givers, one person in particular seems to be claiming a lot of things, and I've yet to see them offer anything back up? That sort of thing really bugs me, so it's been hard for me to justify participating in such an event.

    Looks like you've done well though, that selection of vintage is especially nice.

    1. Well it was my first time getting anything after giving a few times. What bugs me is that nobody posts what they get from me. Bugs me to no end! And yes, there are definitely more takers than givers.

  2. The 1982 Topps FB set is gorgeous! Favorite football design from the 80's. It's also nice that it features rookie cards of guys like LT, Ronnie Lott, Anthony Munoz, Everson Walls, George Rogers, and Cris Collinsworth.