Monday, August 19, 2019

Shane Sends Cardboard Heat!

I recently made a big trade with my friend and fellow 90's wax buster Shane. He is the one who runs the Cheap Wax Wednesday and Other Stuff where he breaks boxes that cost under $50 from 80's, 90's and today.

I have already shown the other halves of this trade, now it's time to really dig in. First it kicks off with that Rodney Hampton auto /10

And now all of this.......

Some names I recognize above, like I have said before I don't listen to the music, just collect the cards. However, this next name I definitely knew....

Wynonna! What a cool auto as well. Great add to my non sports PC

Sterling Shepard tie dye auto, looks super sharp in person. Numbered to 20!

By far my best Daniel Jones autograph! Such a beauty with silver ink.

(not that this one isn't too shabby. This card came in another deal with someone else I didn't post on here yet but let's just get it out there since it showed up around the same time as Shane's)

The last coin I was missing. Well, at least the two Super Bowl winning ones for the Giants. Love adding stuff from those games. I have so, so many memories attached to both Super Bowls in 42 and 46.

A Hall Of Famer auto knocked off my want list.

Make that two. Really dig these Pro Line autos. I haven't heard of a fake Elway versions of these signed by a spouse or autopenned so hopefully this time I am good unlike my last Elway autograph I tried to add.

Thanks goes out to Shane for yet another great deal. I have already begun your next pile and who knows, maybe by Christmas we can pull off another!


  1. Those are some fantastic autos!

  2. Back when that Pro Line Elway card was released, I probably would have thought it was cheesy. Now, I'm not so sure - especially with the autograph on the back.

  3. Wynonna, Elway, and Young. Now that's a nice trifecta.

  4. Those Pro Line cards are so funny, and bring back great memories for me. I remember pulling them when I was a kid. Just some wild photos in there. Troy Aikman in a full sweat on some random piece of gym equipment is a real gem!