Saturday, August 17, 2019

The Future Of Blue

My new friend over at Valley Of Cards recently sent me a couple of cards he thought I would enjoy and boy he was right.

Daniel Jones has been red hot in the preseason. Once again, yes it is preseason, but have you seen the accuracy on his throws? Preseason or not, that still matters. He did fumble twice last night as his first two turnovers and will need to learn how to fix that, but other than that. he has been everything I had hoped.

This marks my first base card with Daniel in blue.

This guy doesn't plan to appear in the preseason as the Giants know how valuable he is to their team. And I am fine with that. So far I would say they have done a good job managing their starters and pulling them without causing injuries.

Big thanks goes out to  Valley Of Cards for the help. If you haven't yet, click on the link I included to check out their website with a vast of unique memorabilia items and check out their eBay stores here for you collecting needs,
Click link to visit Valley Of Cards website or check out their eBay stores here