Wednesday, April 1, 2020

April Fools Or Not?1989 Donruss Is Back!

Is this a bad April Fools joke?

Nope, it's not. The iconic late 80's product is back.

Well, it's design at least.

Panini Instant, which is the Topps Now for Panini, recently released a Rated Rookie set for it's line incorporating that blue/purple/black colors we have come to know and sometimes love.

I know for some of us, we at least appreciate it.

For me, its a trip back to the Ken Griffey Jr Rated Rookie. I am sure all of us have this somewhere in our collections. At least one.

So with that card in mind and seeing that Panini made two of my favorite newer Giants in that design, I had to have 'em.

Daniel Jones

Darius Slayton

I didn't bother taking a picture of the card backs as they are as bland as can be. They both are just yellow and say 1 of 280.

So at least with this version of '89 Donruss there is a limit on each card and how many are made of them. Unlike, the '89 version where someone could fill a landfill full of just them.

Panini has done this with their year end rookies for Panini Instant for the past few years in bringing back a classic design. Last year they used '89 Score. I think Panini should do what Topps does with Heritage and maybe using some of those designs and bringing them back to life in a product instead of an occasional pop in one.

What classic Donruss/Score/Pinnacle design would you like to see involved if that was to happen?


  1. I have a DeVonte Graham basketball RR that used the 88 Donruss baseball it!

    1. I want to chase down the Saquon now from 2018 that features the 1989 Score design.

  2. When it comes to Donruss/Score/Pinnacle throwback designs... I think Panini has covered most of my favorites. 1990 Score was decent. But it wouldn't surprise me if they've reissued that design already too.

    1. I wouldn't be either. They know how people enjoy the throwbacks

  3. Since they already have done some of my favorites , (1998 Score) , among others , how about 1993 Pinnacle? I'll settle for 1992 Pinnacle though as that 1 did have more color , I also really enjoyed the ole mid to late 90's Action Packed set designs , especially 1995

    1. Oh yeah you nailed it on 1995 design. I liked 1996 as well. Very clean and crisp