Wednesday, January 4, 2023

The Revival

I hope everyone had a Happy Holiday season! Thanks again to Gavin from Baseball Card Breakdown for this "Christmas Card".

I know my holiday season was crazy busy. 

Family visited from Tennessee and Massachusetts, my wife took an almost two-week vacation, and there was just so much going on that I am glad that I had taken a break from blogging. Even though posts were on here, it was because they were pre-drafted and scheduled ahead of time.

By now I think you may have figured out what my post title is about. I am reviving this blog. It's been a long two-year vacation away from putting up real posts on here and now I am back and ready. I have learned a lot the last two years in my journey away and hope that will show in my new content on here moving forward. This is why I took so long to put a new post on here this year, yes 4 days is awhile for me, I don't plan to blog every day anymore.

Along with that, I also took some time updating the blog adding a Top 10 Want List, Who I Collect, Player Collection Links to TCDB, and completely updated my Set Needs list as well. I will continue to tweak the blog as I go.

Thanks again for being patient with me on here and hope you come back to read more.



  1. Since you kept going on Cards Over Coffee, I didn't really see it as you were missing here, but welcome back!

    1. Yes, I kept publishing Random Card Posts the past two years to fill in the spots. But, this is my regular blog again and not Coffee anymore

  2. Been following your other blogs, but welcome back anyway!