Sunday, January 8, 2023

Rodney's Cardboard: 1994 Pro Line Live Printing Plate

It's Sunday and the final week of the NFL regular season. A day I used to dread the past six years knowing the Giants season was coming to an end. But, not this year.

The Giants are on the road in Philadelphia in a pointless game for them and I am hoping they give their starters some rest. Though I would love to beat Philly and make them lose the number 1 seed, but we have a playoff game we need to be healthy for.


Let's move on from that topic as that could turn into a blog post alone and tackle today's latest Rodney Hampton add which came thanks to a gift from my buddy Wes formerly of JBF blog fame.

He not only sent today's Rodney, but seven others that took a trip with it in my Christmas mail day. 

You read that right, SEVEN.
Out of those seven, four of those were printing plates or as they called them in the 90's, Press Plates.

This one is from 1994 Pro Line Live, a one-year product.

Thoughts on my latest Rodney Hampton add welcomed in comments and a thanks to Wes again for the add.

Good luck to your NFL Teams and I hope the Giants can pull off the upset with backups.

Have a great Sunday!

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