Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Christmas Cards Part 1:Oren

Yes, I do realize it's January 10th and I still mentioning the word Christmas in a post.

Get used to it.

This past Christmas I got exactly what I had hoped for, many mail days coming in all at once which led to me opening up some cards on Christmas.

And none of these mail days disappointed. NONE.

They all provided so much heat, I could barely keep my hands on them.

To kick off today's First Part, I am tackling a mail day from Cards Over Coffee blog Reader Oren.

I am going to say, his box, yes box, had a HUGE MASSIVE surprise inside of it that you will have to wait and see what that was Sunday. That should give you a hint alone.

But, that didn't mean the rest of the mail day wasn't tremendous as well.

Two brand new Kadarius Toney cards for my Giants collection. I don't seek his cards now that he isn't a Giant, but I more than welcome them as long as he is wearing blue. He seems to be the weapon in the Chiefs offense the Giants were hoping he would be.

Kenny Golladay. Did you hear his name on social media somewhere this weekend? You didn't? Well, it took two seasons, but he finally caught his first touchdown as a Giant and what an incredible catch it was. You should YouTube it if you missed it.

Oren knows my passion for 90's inserts, and sent a good chunk of the Power Players insert set. For me, the shinier the better for these inserts.

New Breed relic of Ryan Nassib

Elements rookie autograph of Darius Slayton who has played well this season. Maybe will earn himself another contract with the Giants.

Other than a pretty face, Morena Baccarin played on the hit show FireFly. I never have seen it but have many friends who said the show is amazing. Maybe should be one on my list to see down the road. Despite not watching it before, this makes a great card for my non sport PC.

Speaking of non-sport PC, how cool of an addition is this to my Christmas Vacation collection? I didn't have this variation of it. I have the other two.

Also in the non sport department were two packs of cards. For some reason the Bingo The Movie packs didn't upload but the X-Men ones did. I always watched the X-Men cartoon though it never really quite caught on for me. I haven't decided when I will open this up but will be sure to post when I do. Hope to find an insert!

And the final card from this Christmas mail day...
Wooooooooooo. This is a beautiful autograph card of Kadarius Toney. Look at that patch!

And once again, I want to remind you to come back on Sunday to see the final and last mega piece to this mail day.

Thanks again to Oren who has become more than just a reader of this blog. He has become a good friend.

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  1. Wow, great stuff! I really like those metallic Elements cards. Morena Baccarin is a great actress too and I also loved Firefly :)