Wednesday, April 19, 2017

HOBBY TOPIC:Custom Cards

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Today's Topic is
Custom Cards

Do you collect custom cards? Do you buy them or just trade or make them? What's the most you have or would be willing to spend on a custom card? When collecting them, do you consider them apart of your player/team PC or do you call them something else (this part I am wondering for myself)

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  1. I make custom cards but I only print them out if I am sending them for a TTM otherwise I tend to just keep the digital file. I do also sketch cards, which I do send out in trade packages, but I don't know if those would be considered custom cards.

    I will buy custom/broder cards but they have to be good quality and I normally will pay a dollar or two.

  2. You know I like making customs.. usually for TTM requests, or to spice up a trade package with something unique. I can't remember ever buying someone else's custom card, but I like getting them in trade. It's a grey area as far as considering them as real cards in the PC if you're keeping a count of how many unique cards you have of a player. I'll usually count them, but I understand when collectors just consider them in as something "other" along with 8x10 photos or other non-card stuff.

  3. I enjoy them and if I had the skills/knowledge to make them I would. I do count them as part of my collection to an extent. They are counted in my collection total but I don't know if I would count them as my first card of someone. For frame of reference I don't count multi sport cards as my first card if someone. But that is only for NBA/NASCAR/NHL. For non-sports it would and in fact already does count.

  4. I make front designs that never get printed for the most part. Don't have a printer that would handle card stock stiffer than old Donruss.
    Like Corky, I'll buy Broder types, but they have to be cheap, and they're considered "secondary" to the real stuff. And a lot harder to keep track of. Bo Jackson has a ton of those.

  5. I have received a few with TTM autograph requests, but haven't attempted to make anything more than some simple custom index cards for TTM requests. I would like to make some for players that don't have cards rather than sending the plain Signature Cards, but I'm afraid I probably don't have the patience to make a nice item.

  6. I make front designs, and have in the past some back designs but have never printed any out. I have a few older broder cards but I never paid for them (given as a gift, but part of a big package of real cards), but I'm not sure I would pay for them. I count them as part of my collection, but I don't actually document them.

    Since I've noticed other bloggers have had their designs ripped off and sold on ebay, I started using custom designs and have a logo for my cards I post. I'm not sure if that's the reason I haven't seen mine ripped off yet or if my designs aren't very good, but I'm happy either way as I make them more for my enjoyment. Which reminds me I haven't done that in a while. Great topic.

  7. The only custom cards that I've actually had printed were my two personalize cards that I had Topps print, so I could pass them out to fellow bloggers. As for custom cards in general... I'm a huge fan. I have a bunch from different bloggers and they're all awesome! I keep them in a special binder.

  8. I Don't buy or trade for them and don't really consider them cards for me there probably below odd-ball cards. I have few that I got autographed for someone else and the sent me multiples of the player and told to keep a couple of each besides for that I don't really think about them.