Sunday, April 9, 2017

My NCAA Bracket Landed Me This....

Year in and year out, I always fill out an NCAA March Madness bracket and the same results happen, my bracket gets busted, annihilated, ceases to exist.

But, this year was much different.

For the second or third year in a row, I decided to join the BCW Supplies March Madness contest held on CBS Sports. The Top 4 win a prize. I never expected to win but thought it would be fun to at least try. Free entry in, might as well.

I also must mentioned I haven't watched a basketball game all year or in ten years, pro or college, so what I was running on to do my picks was hearsay. In the end, I chose Gonzaga to face off vs North Carolina for it all and with NC taking home the trophy. That wasn't an easy pick as growing up I was a die hard Duke fan and deep inside I still am. I just don't watch the games anymore.

Anyways, it seems my picks were decent this year. After the 64 games were played, I found myself sitting at 38th place. Then 32 games, I was at 15th, then at Sweet 16 I had moved to 8th. Elite 8 got me back to 14th and then I pulled off a miracle moving up to 5th place going into the Final 4. It appeared by my predicted score I was going to at least pull off a top 4 finish. But, after the teams got narrowed down to 2, I found myself tied for first! Then when NC took home the title and my score not being too far off, I found myself winning the BCW tournament.

Yes, winning.

And that meant I had scored some pretty sweet prizes that included supplies....

And a sick National Treasures autograph of Oscar Robertson. I didn't know the card was a 1/1 til it was in-hand which made the victory even sweeter.
Overall, I am not only very pleased with how my bracket turned out, but my prize. I never in a million years expected to finish in the Top 4, not to mention winning it all. I didn't even pay attention to the prizes at the beginning because I just knew.

A thanks goes out to BCW Supplies for the contest prize. Make sure you enter all of their contests and give them a follow on all social media sites. 

Thoughts on my prize and how your bracket was this year are welcomed in comments!


  1. Nice return on your bracket.
    I didn't fill one out this year, because I've also had terrible luck in the past. Maybe I should reconsider next year?

  2. Very cool winnings! Congrats! I didn't fill out a bracket this year because I was just super busy.

    1. Maybe next year. I suggest joining this group.

  3. I'd love to be happy for you but as a Gonzaga fan I can't do it...
    Just kidding, congrats on the big win!

  4. I wasn't aware they had a contest, I guess I should follow them on twitter. At any rate, I finished 38th out of 50 in a local one, my worst ever finish, so it wouldn't have mattered. Congrats though, that is an awesome amount of swag.

  5. Good on ya. That is no easy task. Congratulations!

  6. Congrats on your victory! Supplies and an Oscar auto is awfully good prize!