Saturday, April 15, 2017

Mail Day Saturday:Who Dey?

I have been following @clairedabear85 on Twitter for awhile now entering her many NFL related contests as she is a huge football fan. And as you guys know, so am I.

One of her recent contests was for a mystery envelope that she put together and forgot the contents. I was hoping the mystery had some NY Giants involved but I was happy either way because a lot of her items are from the International NFL games from the UK as that's where she is from. So any of those items would be unique for the man cave.

With the package having to cross the ocean, it took a couple of weeks but arrived safely to my mail box on Wednesday. I couldn't wait to rip it open to uncover the mystery.

Inside, I could see there was a theme. A Bengal theme which was based off from last seasons Bengals Vs Redskins game in October. One that was a thriller til end with nobody winning in the 27 all tie. It may have been one of the best games ever played in the UK to date.

So let's see what was sent.

Here is a mini pennant, a couple of tats and a window sticker.

This item I loved. A unique mini flag from the event. This will look awesome in the man cave.

Up next, AJ McCarron rookie card from Rookies And Stars.

Then a pretty sweet Bengals cheerleader poster with some pics signed. I am not sure how my wife will feel about this in the man cave, but that's where it's going haha

And to close this out, autograph of future star AJ McCarron which a lot of teams have been high on for awhile. I just wished he could get out there and play. This goes along a few other autographed cards of him I have I've been sitting on. I dig the silver ink signing. I asked @clairedabear85 about the auto and she said he signed it at a store signing right in front of her so it's pretty solid.
A huge thanks goes out to @clairedabear85 for the goodies and if you are not following her and this above doesn't give you enough reason to..well....your loss. I think many have questioned her if any international winners ever happen and I can say yes, just read this post.

Thoughts on my mail day are welcomed in comments!

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