Saturday, January 18, 2014

Results from the latest Jammin JDcards Break

Another Jammin JDcards break is in the books! And here are the latest results from a 2 box NFL mixer and a basketball break.

As a bonus, this weeks breaks included a FREE break if you were lucky enough to be one of the first 32 to buy in a break. And here was those results. It was from a 2012 Prime Signatures Box:

Ed 160/499
D Ware 228/499
Mcfadden 483/499
Janoris Jenkins 085/199

Here are the two NFL mixers. A box of 2013 Panini Contenders and Topps Triple Threads.

DJ is an SP
Mathieu 63/99

The Triple Threads break was another great one. Also provided someone with the possible NFL Rookie Of The Year in Allen.

Marino 124/320
Dez 100/170
Dickerson 35/50
Decker 14/25
Patton 08/50
Tannehill 18/18
Keenan 45/50
T Will 25/25
2012-2013 Crusade Basketball break had these:

Duncan Crusade 29/99 
Jefferson Crusade 17/25
Overall, some nice results again. If you haven't bought into a Jammin JDcards break yet, what are you waiting for!! Mojo could be waiting for you. They have already proven to get the big hits!
You can find out  what breaks are available for next week HERE. And good luck! Let me know if you join in on one!

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