Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Giants Cardboard: Some Firsts

A lot of my NY Giants knowledge beyond 1995 is very blurry and iffy at best. It's something I need to work harder on and study more to extend my knowledge of my favorite team.

Another thing I need to work harder on is adding cards of Giants from the past and not so many of the present. Needs to have a better balance.

So when I was checking out Burbank Sportscards, I came across a couple autographs of Giants legends that I didn't get to watch myself but got to see highlights of and knew I needed autographs of.

Ottis Anderson was a 2X Super Bowl champion, Super Bowl MVP, Rookie Of The Year in 1979 and a comeback player of the year. In a long line of Giants legendary running backs he doesn't get mentioned as much as he should for playing like he did.

The next guy up was a beast at the Tight End spot. 

Not only does Mark Bavaro have an excellent signature, but he was also a 2X Super Bowl Champion, 2X Pro Bowl tight end (an actual one and not one like Evan Engram) and a 2X All-Pro. He also has a spot in the NY Giants Ring Of Honor.

Up next was a guy who helped show the Way for Rodney Hampton
Charles Way was a full back for the Giants from 1995-1999. I had always wanted his autograph card and remember specifically seeing one at a card show in 1997 that I desperately wanted and couldn't afford. Fast forward to now, that card is now in my possession for less than $3.

And there was no Way I was done with adding another cool Charles Way card.
1997 Flair Showcase Legacy parallels were randomly inserted in packs but were not easy to find or pull. I never once pack pulled one and only own now two in my entire collection.

These parallels were /100.

Adding those two Charles Way cards had me itching to maybe add more of his cards as well. He helped Rodney a lot of yards so you could possibly call it a sub PC of Rodney's. Stay tuned for that.

Some nice affordable adds from from Burbank Sportscards Beckett Marketplace (also saved 10% by using code 15Burbank which I suggest you use) that I look forward to shopping more on there to add more to these collections.


  1. Unlike some of your normal Giants content, I actually know who all of these guys are! Love the Legacy, being to only /100, those would've been incredibly difficult to pull way back when.

    1. That was actually my favorite pickup of the group

  2. I won't say I'm an expert on these three guys... but I do remember them. There's just something so special about acquiring rare inserts from the 90's. Congratulations on adding that Legacy parallel to your collection.

    1. Thanks! That was a fun add and a must have once I saw it