Saturday, February 27, 2021

Breaking Them In

This post has been a long time coming, I just tucked this post too far down in the depths of drafts. I wished I had posted this awhile ago as I promised @I_bern_em I would post this and he probably thought I was kidding.

Well, here it is and here it is a tad late in which I apologize for.

I did a couple of breaks with Adam, @I_bern_em , just to land some cards from the two newest products at the time in Mosaic and Prizm. 

I landed the Giants in the Mosaic break and the Browns in the Prizm break. Both teams were the cheapest available.

The Prizm break with the Browns didn't net me much more than base, but the cheaper Mosaic break I faired pretty well in for Giants. Fun inserts and parallels, some of which I didn't have.

Thanks to Adam for the fun break, if you haven't checked him out yet on Twitter do so. He is new to the breaking world but has fair prices and has a great time.


  1. I do like those Mosaic cards. Picked up a fat pack a few months ago and pulled the Daniel Jones Will To Win you have here. I guess the Prizm break was more boom-or-bust huh?

  2. So shiny! Too bad Mosaic doesn't have a blue parallel, or do they, I don't really know?