Monday, March 21, 2022

CARDBOARD REVIEW:2021 Panini Illusions Football

Every year I know specific products it seems that Panini sticks my Super Collection player in. Rodney Hampton has appeared in Select, Mosaic and today's product, Illusions multiple times. 

With this years Hampton cards being a little different than past releases, they are not autographs nor really focus on Rodney Hampton, my chase has been different. I actually almost opted not to bother but when you want the biggest,best collection around, I fell in. Speaking of this, if you want to see those Hamptons and other Hampton posts, they have been moved to Big Blue Cardboard. Follow that blog for more!

Enough with the Hampton talk, let's move onto today's review.

Each box of 2021 Illusions football comes with 10 packs of 5 cards each. Each box should have 3 autographs and 2 memorabilia cards. Boxes currently are $670 or so.

There are 100 cards in the base set. Keep in mind there is a retail and hobby version to the base set. I believe the only difference is the cardstock used as the hobby is thicker.

The design for this years Illusions sticks to its foil board player focus with a colored player in the front and a foiled one in the back. The only real difference is the font and writing on the card.

I chose to show off this Tebow card as I don't think I saw any other football products this year include Tebow or show off the fact he tried out for TE. This will make a cool card for my Tebow side PC.
Here are the card backs. No stats.

Rookie cards look like this.

Just like every product, Illusions comes with parallels. You can find the following options,
Diamond, Dots, Emerald, Galaxy, Hyper, Orange, Sapphire, Starlight, Sunburst, Bronze /499, Pink /399, Yellow Diamond /249, Teal /175, Light Blue /149, Yellow /149, Ruby /125, Red /99, Blue /75, Black Ice /50, Platinum /35, Gold /25, Green /10, and Purple 1/1.
Pink /399

Bronze /499

Light Blue /149

Blue /75

Yellow Diamond /249 (stunning card by the way)

Inserts can feature the following parallels,
Emerald, Mosaic, Orange, Rainbow, Sapphire, Sparkle, Stardust, Pink /399, Light Blue /299, Red /149, Black /50, Gold /25, Green /10, and Purple 1/1.

The inserts are printed on acetate so it takes away from all of that foil board.
Clear Shots has 20 cards to collect.

Illusionists has 20 cards to collect

Mystique has 20 cards of the top rookies

Shining Stars has also has 20 cards to collect

There are 20 cards in the King Of Cards set. This was my favorite insert from Illusions.

I also pulled three parallel cards. The Murray is a Light Blue /299, Taylor is a red /149 and Burrow is a black /50


Okay...does this one count as the worst autograph ever??!! Let me know in comments. Can you imagine paying that price for this autograph?

My boy KT!

Solid dual relic of Lawrence and Peyton. It's also a nice looking card too.

Zach Wilson jumbo relic of Instant Impact. I still want the Toney like this.

And my final autograph is a Superlatives Chris Johnson. This autograph set has some guys you don't see signing every day like CJ2K.

My box wasn't too bad. I am not sure if the return value was there, but I will say the fun value is. I like the acetate inserts, the hits were decent and the base card parallels were sharp. Would be a fun rainbow chase. If any of you have any Giants parallels from this set, hit me up!

Your thoughts are welcomed in comments!

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