Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Breakin Wax:1990 Panini Baseball Stickers 1-Pack Break

Let's talk about Stick baby, let's talk about Pa-ni-ni. Let's talk about stick....ers. Yup. My first retro break of Panini stickers and it's all thanks to Jammin JDcards. If you want to bust a pack of these, jump on in and find all retro pack offerings HERE.

In every pack of 1990 Panini Baseball stickers, there are 5 player stickers and 1 foil sticker. Each pack on Jammin JDcards runs for 20 cents and with such a deep player checklist, it's well worth the buy especially if you are looking for something unique for your PC.

My first 4 stickers offerings were not bad as you see.

Then you add in some George Brett....

and something foil/shiny and you have 20 cents well spent.
Overall, a couple of big names and with such little spent on these, why not go back for more. Decent value here and something I had never owned before.

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