Sunday, August 2, 2015

Incredible Upper Deck Trade Mail Day From JBF

Just a short couple of weeks ago, I pulled off a pretty cool trade with Jaybarkerfans Junk blog where I landed a few cards for my PC. This time the ante was way upped! Happiness doesn't even begin to express how I felt when this package arrived as I knew three amazing cards were arriving. I am sure you guys would agree.

Up first, as you know from past reads on here, I love unique pieces. This is a 2001 Fleer (yes I know I said this was an Upper Deck post but they own the Fleer license so technically it is) Hot Prospect Goal Post Cover Card. Pretty cool huh? Nothing that I knew of existed.

Up next is a 1/1 Printing Plate of the speedy Raghib Ismail. I like printing plates and he was also a golden domer.

And finally, the apple of my card eye of the group, a 2009 Prominent Cuts Holllywood History Dual Memorabilia card of Jackie Gleason (the multi color) and Jim Carrey!!!
Now, don't get me wrong, all three cards are awesome. But when it comes to just picking one, the last card wins slightly. It's soooooooooooooooooooooo cool to own a piece of Hollywood history. Gleason's shirt is from The Honeymooners and Carrey's hockey jersey swatch is from Bruce Almighty.

A big thanks is due to JBF for the trade! I look forward to our next one which I think will be very soon!

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