Friday, August 28, 2015

Sport Card Collectors Fantasy Football League!

This year I found out that Jammin JDcards sadly will not be doing their league. But, I have become such a #FF addict because of last year that I wanted to at least set up a league

So I  created a league and the first 19 people(besides some special invites I sent out ahead of time) to email me at (please put fantasy in the subject and your email in your message for easier contacting) or comment below with their email addresses can join in my league.

Not sure if there will be prizes or not. I mostly set up the league for fun and to talk trash lol.

Since I am not one for live drafts, to make things even more interesting in this league, the draft will be randomed to us. (You can set preferences for your teams draft in the my team section) That's right, we will be assigned players so we may need to be doing some serious trades and free agent signings! That way also you guys won't have to worry about being there for a draft too.

Good luck and hope to fill this league!

Let me know in comments also if you are in!

(NOTE: This is the first time I have ever set one of these up. I don't think there is a password to join as I didn't need to enter one. So hopefully there is no problems. If there is let me know and tip me on how to fix it.)

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