Sunday, August 9, 2015

Jammin JDcards Retro Breakin Wax Week!

Awhile back I posted a two-part mail day I got from Jammin JDcards, you can find those here:

Swingin For The Fences: A Jammin JDcards Mail Day Part 1
2 Cool Autographs: A Jammin JDcards Mail Day Part 2

In the two articles, I hinted at some 90's wax that I ripped into as well but was waiting to post about. Back then it would have technically been summed up in a Part 3 which is why I waited. I just didn't feel that was the right way to treat this. I think it needed to be celebrated more. Well, I am here to tell you that..THERE WILL BE A WHOLE WEEKS WORTH OF POSTS!!!

That's right my friends! I hope all of my 90's readers, or those who missed out on that great era, are ready for this. There were a few decent hits, but the main thing are the memories the packs represented. I should also note there is one non-90's pack as well.

So spread the word and I hope you enjoy! The first break will be up later today so come back and see which one it is.

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