Saturday, August 8, 2015

NETted Some Goods:Trade With JBF Blog

For the third time, I pulled off another trade with Jaybarkerfans Junk blog who was hosting a trade-a-thon where he was trading stuff in return for mail days to open on his vacation. A concept I had never thought of. Can you imagine spending the week busting open packages????? Boo yah!

Before I continue on with this post, in case you missed my first two epic trades with him, here they are:

AWESOME Trade With Jaybarkerfan's Blog

Incredible Upper Deck Trade Mail Day From JBF

This trade filled a few more wants in my collection. Not particularly ones off my Want List, but ones I have had my eye on.

Like one of these. I have always wanted one, I didn't care which team, I just thought they looked cool. They were even cooler in person and very heavy.

This caught my eye. It's unique and something the hobby has only seen once. Not to mention how often do you see jeans being used as a relic???!!

Then came the big nets. Net Fusion cards from two different brands but of both Indians Manny Ramirez and 

Roberto Alomar.
I think the Net Fusions are pretty awesome and these are the first baseball ones I have.

Overall, a pretty solid mail day. I am already looking forward to the next as we worked out yet another deal so stay tuned for that post. There are some pretty cool things on the way!

Thanks again to Jaybarkerfans Junk blog for the great trade. If you haven't yet, go check out his blog as he has been in the blogging circuit for awhile now.

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