Monday, August 31, 2015

Trade Mail Day @Seahawksfan605

When scrolling through Twitter you sometimes come across cards that you must have. Now, this happens quite often with me, but I usually don't ask about a trade due to my trading conditions. If you forgot what those are, I havr to know the other person, get references/background check on them with already trusted traders and make sure everything about them is safe without any red alarms. Yes, you would think I am renting to a person or giving them my kidney and not trading cards. Call it OCD or whatever my issue may be, I have a 100% trade success that way.

With my latest trade however, I didn't need to do that. Almost since I have been blogging, @Seahawksfan605 has been reading, responding, entering contests and interacting on social media with me. So I absolutely had no concerns trading with him.

My mail day reflects the great guy he is because he threw in some bonuses as well. I will be sharing those first!

The first three bonuses include, Strahan, I gotta see if this helps my set in 2015 Score Gridiron Heritage, Hankins is looking like he may have a big year and Nassib has shown some glimpses in the preseason.

The rest of the bonuses are a couple of Andre Williams Chrome and an Eli refractor. See, I told you he reads the blog. #ShinyGoodness

And finally I will reveal the card that sparked the trade. A new Andre Williams for the PC. I really need to update how many I have. I guess I can when I have a minute haha. This card despite his wrong jersey number is plain beautiful all around. The patch is nice, the numbering is to 50 and the overall look catches your attention. One of my new Williams favorites!
A big thanks goes out to @Seahawksfan605 for the trade and the ease of the trade. I am glad that you got your part of the trade today as well and that we worked this out so fast. I look forward to possible future trades with you as well.

Thoughts on my mail days are always welcomed!

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