Tuesday, September 1, 2015

My Precious....METAL GEMS Mail Day!!

One of my most sought after late 90's insert, has now been added to my collection for a second and a third time. Never thought I would get one, but now three. Yeah baby!

First off, I picked up these two PMG's off from eBay for a ridiculous price. Each one I got for $1.04. Yes, you read that right. That's insane for such a rare and tough pull when most on eBay are BIN for at least $15 each.

This particular seller I bought from, I have bought from before. You have seen and read about my great deal steals that were dirt cheap pickups from the seller in the past such as a '97 Totally Certified mirror gold and a '96 Bowman's Best Atomic Refractor to name a couple . As you can tell, I plan on staying with this seller for awhile.

Not only did I get the cards for steals, I also got some bonus cards too! These three SHINY base cards are from Head Up hockey.

First up for my PMG collection is Nilo Silvan. This is probably the first player of the 90's I had never heard of. Either way, it's a cool card and the old Buc's unis don't look to bad on these. The card also came in supreme MINT CONDITION.

Back of the card.

And my second PMG mail day was of a decent player in Bert Emanuel who played for a few teams over his career from 1994-2001. However, this one was a bit rougher in condition as along the top there was some minor chipping. But, for the price I paid for it, I couldn't complain.

Back of his card:
I gotta say I am pretty happy with this purchase. I got two rare 90's cards and bonus cards for all under $5. Don't tell me that's not impressive.

Now onto my next PMG goals of getting a green PMG (any player) and getting a NY Giants one of any player. Those two goals will be a bit more challenging, especially the Green, but the fun thing about this hobby is that you just never know.

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