Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Breakin Wax:1996 Stadium Club Baseball 4-Pack Break

Continuing my weekly posting til I am done with them, another break from the trade I made with @batcavelv. Today's offering is baseball and what I consider one of the best products out there. Stadium Club has caught our collecting attentions with it's top notch photography making us feel like we were alive at that certain event.

1996 was no different.
In every pack of 1996 Topps Stadium Club baseball you will find 12 cards. One of those cards will be a TSC card that you will see coming up. You can also find inserts!

The base card design for 1996 Stadium Club was simply clean and photographic. Topps should dig back to these times of making baseball cards. They were so much better then.

Here is the above spoken of TSC rainbow foil card. Very nice and clean just like the base cards.

In my four packs, I actually pulled an insert in each one. Each of the inserts were Extreme Player. This is the Bronze version that fell 1:5 packs.

And these are the Silver Extreme Players that fell at 1:10.

Extreme Players parallels existed for 180 of the players on the checklist and at the end of the 1996 regular season, an "Extreme Player" from each position was identified as a winner based on a statistical formula. It appears none of mine were winners.

If they were and this was 1996, I would be able to exchange them for 10-card sets of the winners of whatever level I have.
Card backs came with the info on how to claim.
Can't go wrong with these. I got some fun base cards for my PC, some inserts and they brought back a few memories. Couldn't ask for more.

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