Friday, September 25, 2015

I ROSE To The Occasion!

When you think Pete Rose, what are the first words that come to mind? Mine, Hall Of Famer.

And when you have the chance to land a "future" Hall Of Famers autograph for a deal, you take it.

So here is my latest addition, an 8x10 auto from Fanatics Authentic of Rose pointing to the crowd. My first Rose auto.
I know other than the MLB, the rest of us baseball fans agree that Rose should be in the Hall. He made a small mistake, but that wasn't as a player. As a player, Hall Of Famer. Manager, no. To me, they should have banned him from the Hall as a manager, but, put him in as a player. He was a career .300 hitter, had over 4,200 hits, and batted in over 1,300 runs. Those to me are numbers deserving of such an honor and I am happy to have finally added his autograph to my collection.

Do you own a Rose auto? Do you agree that he should be in the Hall?


  1. Cool auto. I second your HOF comments. The MLB has banned the most prolific hitter in the history of baseball and turned a blind eye to an endless list of cheaters.

  2. He should be reinstated with the caveat that he's not allowed to manage again, not that he likely would get the chance at this point. The new commissioner said he'll rule on Rose's appeal by the end of the year. But the fact that he's already denied Shoeless Joe's reinstatement (another miscarriage of justice), one would think it doesn't look good for Pete.

  3. I own at least five Pete Rose signatures. One of them is on card #1 from his 1985 Topps/Renato Galasso set. Another is a cut autograph card from 2014 HA Originals. And I own three of those Leaf autographs that flooded the market awhile back. I definitely want to add either a MLB ball or a signed SLU to my collection though.