Friday, September 11, 2015

Jammin JDcards Mail Day Part 2: More Griffey Mania!

In my second mail day from Jammin JDcards, I had to add more Griffey's. that was just obvious.

It may appear I spent tons of money here, but when you can pick up Griffey cards for .25-.75 each, you can't go wrong and you don't spend that much.

Some sweet looking adds here. The Griffey HR Chronicles with that swing......

More older 90's Griffeys I thought I had but didn't.

Some oddballs. You gotta love those. Two of these are still in original packaging.

And to finish, some even nicer adds. The Spx Finite is numbered.
I really need to go back for more from Jammin. They still have more that I need so stay tuned for that post. Also stay tuned for a HUMONGOUS Griffey card count update. You will be amazed!

In the finale of my Jammin JDcards mail day, that one will be for the Big Bang Theory fans. So come back tomorrow!

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