Sunday, September 27, 2015

I Did The Salsa When I Opened My Mail Box


Feels like forever when you are expecting a package and it doesn't arrive when you expect it to. You then start to question whether the USPS had lost, the person forgot to send it or even worse, someone else was enjoying the card(s) you were supposed to get. No matter the situation, it gives you unease til it arrives.

But how do you feel when a package arrives unexpectedly, well, depends on who you are. Excitement, unease til you open, or you start to scream like a little girl are some that may occur. I had a unexpected mail day yesterday and  what actually started as the happy dance quickly turned to the salsa after opening.

So for about a year, @TheRealDpan has had a Victor Cruz card I have wanted. But, I just never really had the chance to snatch it for a variety of reasons. So for the past week I have been putting together a monstrosity of a trade with Shane over at Project Pedro blog (give it a check out if you haven't yet) and mentioned the card to him. We thought about adding it to our trade but we moved on from the idea. Which was fine since I had spent a year moving back and forth on the card and it still hadn't gone anywhere. I was hoping it would always stay til I picked it up.

I guess by now you can tell where this story is going. The envelope I started to dance to then did the salsa to afterwards first contained this note......

And then this awesome card. A card I had dreamed of for a year. It contains a piece of pylon from Super Bowl 46 where the Giants once again took down the powerhouse Patriots. Oddly enough, Shane is a die-hard Patriots fan so it must had stunned a bit to pick up a Giants card even for a friend.

A HUMONGOUS thanks goes out to Shane. He has become a great friend and is a good all around guy. I was shocked by the surprise and very appreciative .If you haven't checked out his blog, please do so. If you have any Pedro Martinez's you are looking to unload, I recommend you hit him up. You can also find him on Twitter @ShaneSalmonson . Thanks must also go out to @TheRealDpan for mailing the card to me.

This was the tip of the iceberg for a great week. I finished up two trades, one with Shane that involved roughly 500 cards, and the Giants won their first game. Cannot wait to show off the epic trade in the upcoming week!

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  1. Awesome pylon relic! I love wacky memorabilia cards like that.