Thursday, September 10, 2015

Jammin JDcards Mail Day Part 1:Jammin With ALL HITS!

In the first part of my mail day from Jammin JDcards, I will be sharing low-end hits I got at an awesome price. Like I keep saying, if you haven't checked them out yet, you are missing out!

I love Ginter mini relics. They are probably one of the best looking relics out there. Even for a single color like this Phil Hughes, still cool.

In the unique department, All-Star Game Worn workout jersey. Unique+A Yankee=Win!

Up next I dig into some G-men! Season is right around the corner!

Mario Manningham rookie jersey card

These were one of the better looking manu-relics, I miss Bradshaw some. The biggest problem was keeping him healthy to play.

Mark Herzlich really needs to step up this season for this Giants defense to make any impact.

And there are big expectations for Hankins. It's been said he could be the leagues best defensive tackle by years end.
A pretty solid opening mail day from Jammin JDcards right here. If you guessed that Ken Griffey Jr. was involved in Part 2, you are right. Check back in tomorrow for that one!

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