Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Far Ahead, Yet, So Far Behind

If you have been reading Sport Card Collectors as of late, you will notice a good amount of mail days, pickups (such as the autograph yard sale ones) and Breakin Wax's going on. It's not because I have come upon a pile of money (even though I wished I had), it's because I have fallen really far behind on here posting my pickups when I pick them up. A lot of what you have been reading recently was picked up months ago.

Now you must be wondering , why did he put far ahead in the title then if he is that far behind? Well, I am actually far ahead in terms of writing the posts. I was able to get ahead on writing them by sticking to my once a week dedication to blog posts where I spend a couple hours putting together as many as I can. Not sure how many of the rest of you bloggers do that. I would be interested in hearing if you do or how you get your posts done.

All of these older posts are scheduled to publish until October 23rd which should get me caught up on ALL older pickups/mail days. The 24th should start NEW posts as long as nothing pops up that needs to be published before the others. Which you never know as those kind of things have already happened delaying these ones.

Anyways, enjoy the upcoming posts as there is a lot of fun stuff to share coming up. It's actually a surprise to me as well as I don't remember what's publishing on what day til I wake up lol.

Also, while I have your attention, if you haven't voted for your favorite segments on here yet, to the right of the blog on top you will find a poll. It just takes a second to click on a couple and hit submit. It would be greatly appreciated :)

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  1. I'd love to have posts lined up in advance... but I'm so far behind in other things I usually write my posts either the day before or the same day I publish the post.