Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Calling Terrell Davis? My First TD Autograph 90's Style

I can't say I was ever a Denver Broncos fan, but I loved to watch TD when he hit the field especially when he scored a TD and did the "Mile High Salute" that I used to mock every time I scored against buddies. It's too bad injuries took a toll on his career as I believe he could have broken some big time records in the league had he played his entire career.

Terrell played from 1995-2001 all with the Broncos and was a 6th round draft pick. Davis' best season came in 1998 where he rushed for 2,008 yards. He also helped lead Denver to two Super Bowl wins late in John Elway's career and was a Super Bowl MVP in Super Bowl 32 where he ran all over GB Packers defense. Imagine if he hadn't sat out the second quarter.

 I knew over time I would have to acquire an autograph of him. That time was now.

This may not be the prettiest autograph in all of the land, my camera didn't help it much either, but it is an autograph and an affordable one. It also fits my 90's collecting trend.

He is one of many I would like to add an autograph of from the 90's. So the way I look at this is, one down, more to go.
Who is the one player from the 90's you would like an autograph of?


  1. Growing up in Atlanta in the 80s and 90s, I managed to score quite a few autographs. But the one that has evaded me this whole time is Chipper Jones.


  2. I think mine would be either Jay Bell or Bobby Bonilla. Both had long careers, but are void of certified autographs.

  3. Hands down. MJ. I don't even follow basketball anymore, but he's definitely on my wantlist. And I don't want just any autograph. The one I buy will be on-card and have him featured in a Bulls uniform.

    P.S. Great TD auto. I remember collecting those Signature Rookies phone cards. Great stuff.