Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Breakin Wax:1996 Edge Advantage Football 3-Pack Break

Collectors Edge Advantage football, what can I say, I am in love.

This the first of 5 breaks I have with the packs that I received in a trade a little while back. I think I am going to cover one-a-week over the next 5 weeks to catch these all up. Lot's of fun ahead and some great inserts too. Hope you guys are looking forward to viewing this as much as I am about posting it.

Here we go!

In every pack of 1996 Edge Advantage football is 6 cards.

Those six cards will consist of rookies, veterans and possibly inserts and maybe a piece of football.

The base card design is kinda cool. It's designed like a featured film but instead it's a featured player. The whole product is done this way.  I also like the slight texture the base cards represent as well.

My two rookies in the three packs. I loved watching Mushin and a PC Giants one too!

I also landed 2 inserts of Perfect Play parallels that fall 1:2 packs. Warren Sapp is pretty well known whether for the good or for the bad.
Overall, not complaints here. Two beautiful inserts in three packs and two rookies along with some nice base cards. Once again, 90's busting wins again.


  1. Never busted this stuff myself... but I find these scattered in about 50% of my flea market purchases.

  2. I loved those Perfect Play parallels! I broke a lot of this stuff back in 1996. Cool blog!