Wednesday, September 30, 2015

1/1 Printing Plate Patch Trade Mail Day

This post is just the beginning of posts for my MONSTER TRADE with Shane from Project Pedro blog.

A couple weeks ago, @SCUUniontownPA posted a deal of the day on Twitter along with their weekly hobby box giveaway. The deal was for A BEAUTIFUL Andre Williams 1/1 printing plate patch card. Obviously I drooled over the item for my Williams PC, but with recent card expenditures exceeded, I couldn't pick it up. Shane being the great guy he is, swooped in and snatched it for me to be included in our MONSTER TRADE. Yes, I keep putting that in big letters because I want it to be known how large this trade actually is. 

On Monday, the card arrived even more beautiful in person and it came with a bonus rookie card I didn't have.
Here is that bonus card....

And here is that amazing printing plate patch card.

A big thanks goes out to Shane for picking this up for me and another thanks is due to SCU for the great deal.

Keep in mind readers this is just the beginning of this trade. More posts to come next week!

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