Thursday, August 13, 2015

Breakin Wax:1994 Topps Finest Football 1-Pack Break

In my next Jammin JDcards retro break, I am taking you back to 1994 to visit Finest. As I stated a few days ago, I really enjoyed 90's Finest.

And here is my breakdown of the 1994 football version, hopefully at it's Finest.

In every pack of 1994 Finest football you will find 6 cards. There may be a mix of vets, "rookies" (no real ones) and subsets with a possible refractor. I may have found one of those but you will have to read on. I found my pack on Jammin JDcards for $2. You can find all retro pack offerings HERE.

The Finest design for this year is what I consider one of the iconic ones of this product. When I think Finest, I think about this design.

Cool subset of rookies from the 1993 class which doesn't make these ones real rookie cards and only a nice looking subset.

and a sweet refractor find! Not the best player, but who cares! It's shiny!! These fall 1:9 packs.
Overall, the iconic design of the base cards did it for me. The refractor was just the icing on the cake. Pretty happy with the results here. Good price and some top player refractor pulls in the product could land you some sweet $ now a days still.

Which years design do you consider the most iconic for Finest?

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  1. I've got two Finest baseball issues I really, really like: 1998 & 2014. But refractors from just about any 90's Finest product are beautiful.