Monday, August 10, 2015

Breakin Wax:1996 Finest Football 1-Pack Break

My second break in my Jammin JDcards retro break week, is a pack of 1996 Finest football. As all of my readers should know, I am a huge Finest fan. Especially the 90's version. Who doesn't miss the Finest protector?

Well, here is the break. I sadly forgot a pic of the pack.but will give you the breakdown. In every pack of 1996 Finest football is 6 cards. There are many levels to collect in '96 Finest such as bronze, silver and gold. My pack was all bronze. My luck. But, you can also find refractors. I didn't. Once again, my luck. But, what I did find is a trip down memory lane. You can do the same by searching for something to open from Jammin JDcards retro pack section. You can find all retro pack offerings HERE. I found this pack of Finest on there for $2.

My first three cards is from three Destroyers. One that really tore up the field in Reggie White.

Next up are a couple of Playmakers.

And finally is my rookie of the pack, Moe Williams.
Overall, not the best break but at least added a few more 90's Finest to the collection along with adding a rookie to the rookie PC. Would definitely bust more if they came available. Hint, Hint Jammin JD!

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