Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Breakin Wax:1996 Playoff Absolute Football 1-Pack Break

Was I a fan of today' Breakin Wax in the 90's? ABSOLUTEly. Did I find it cool to open a pack within a pack? ABSOLUTEly. Am I hoping you enjoy this as much as me?ABSOLUTEly.

Today's pack if you didn't read the title or get my hints, it's Playoff Absolute.
In every pack of 1996 Playoff Absolute football, there is 5 cards. 4 cards in the main red pack, then a 1 card in a bonus white or blue pack within the pack  I found them on Jammin JDcards and you can too for a good price of $3.95. You can find all retro pack offerings HERE.

The design is ABSOLUTEly cool. I really dig how Playoff did these. The cards have a foil background with the stadium picture of the featured player. These have a very high end feel.to them.

Look at these base cards up close. Awesome!

My pack inside the pack was a white parallel version.

What makes this card different than the rest of the cards above? Check out the words Absolute. They are white. The ones above are red. That's what makes this the parallel.
Overall, I love the base. Those alone helped pay for this pack. I didn't hit it big per say, but there are some great inserts and other tempting parts to the product that would definitely want me coming back for more.

What are your thoughts on this base card design? Tempting or not very tempting?

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  1. I love the pack within a pack concept and I also enjoy the stadiums in the background... but there's a bit too much foil for my taste.