Friday, August 7, 2015

Breakin Wax:1995 Zenith Baseball Box (Project Pedro Mail Day Part 2)

Yesterday I posted the first half of my mail day from Shane over at Project Pedro Blog showcasing the Griffey trade portion of my mail day, up today, is my contest win portion of it.

One of his Cheap Wax Wednesday segments asked readers to RT his post on Twitter for a chance to win a Cheap Wax Wednesday box of your choice. Well, sadly only 7 participated and lucky me that the random actually fell my way.

My choice was a 1995 Zenith Baseball box. I have always been a huge fan of Zenith and wished it still existed in today's hobby. But, I guess that is a decision that Panini will have to make.

Let's see how this break went.

In every box of 1995 Zenith baseball are 24 packs with 6 cards per pack and a price point depending on where you buy, between $30-$40 per box. You will find one "rookie" on average per pack.

I love the layout that Zenith always had when you opened a box. So pretty.

Speaking of pretty, I really like their base cards. They have a high end feel to them. The 1995 design wasn't their best, but it still was nice. Also, speaking of nice, welcome home Griffey #566.

Speaking of rookies, here is the high kicking rookie card of Hideo Nomo. I also pulled a Jeter like this as well except Jeter's isn't a true rookie. I like this design.

The subsets looked nice as well. This one is all in another language though I noticed they used the same photo. Naughty lol.

This was a sharp looking card as well. Congrats Eddie!

Now onto my inserts. I didn't pull a Z-Team like I had hoped, 1:72 odds doesn't make them easy, but I pulled a few cools ones. Here are the All-Star Salutes that fall 1:6 packs. Gwynn was a nice find.

And on average you will find one of these Rookie Roll Calls per box with odds of 1:24. I wished I had pulled the valuable Jeter version but instead got one of the worse. However, the design is spectacular with the glistening with dufex!
Overall, not the best break in terms of value. But, unlike a lot of collectors, I don't care as much about value as I do having fun. So, I would put this a 10 in terms of fun on a scale of 1-10. If I get the opportunity again, I would love to open another and some of the other years as well.
One, what are your thoughts on Zenith? Are you a fan?

Two, Have you checked out Project Pedro Blog?


  1. The Nomo photos are actually different.. look at the jersey numbers! Very close, though.

    1. Props to Nomo for consistency. I always thought they were the same photo too.

      P.S. Great 90's box break. Spent a pretty penny on packs of this stuff back in the day.