Thursday, December 5, 2013

Review: 2013 Topps WWE Best Of Wrestling

Box Break Down:
  • 24 Packs Per Box, 7 Cards Per Pack
  • One Relic card per box
  • Under $50 a box
  • Each Box contains Twelve Hobby Exclusive Bronze Parallels and One Silver Parallel
      and Every Pack contains Three Inserts!

BASE CARDS: There are 110 Base Cards showing the hottest stories broken down into several topics. I actually quite enjoy the design here with the action photography. Usually not something I say for a Topps product with a border. Borders on cards have always bothered me. I much prefer a clean and open card with photography. But what I like about the border that it gives the time and date of each story.

INSERTS: In a box are inserts galore!! At first glance, you can't tell the difference between the inserts and the base cards. So you are thinking, man, got a ton of base cards. But upon further inspection you realize you are getting a ton of inserts.

The parallels are easy to define once you see them. And the Top Ten inserts, which by the way range from many topics voted on by fans, are a fun collection. In terms of design, they are a little bland. But the collectibility of them is the key factor. The ones with higher number are the easiest to find in boxes. Top Ten #1 fall about one (we got two) per box. It will be interesting to see how value goes on these especially the rarer ones and if people are willing to attempt to put a set together which could be a fun task.

Here are the inserts broken down in the product:
 Bronze Parallel (1:2)
- Silver Parallel (1:24)
- Gold Parallel (10 per subject)

- Top Ten # 1's (1:24)
- Top Ten # 2's (1:12)
- Top Ten # 3's (1:6)
- Top Ten # 4's & 5's (1:4)
- Top Ten # 6's & 7's (1:3)
- Top Ten # 8's - 10's (1:2)

- Printing Plates (880 Total)

AUTOGRAPHS: The autographs are supposed to be 1 in every two boxes, but I have a feeling you are going to find one per box. Ours was of Big E Langston. The product also offers Dual Autographs of some of WWE's biggest stars!

As for design, Topps stuck with the basics here.

JERSEY/PATCH CARDS: I like the swatches and the multiple colors they could use from WWE. However, gotta admit I was a little curious where this swatch was from looking at Brodus' way of wearing his shirt :$

Here are other offerings for this product for relics:
-Swatch Relics (1 per box)
- Mat Relics (1:48 packs)

OVERALL THOUGHTS: There is a good bang for your buck here with most boxes coming with 2 hits and a ton of cards and inserts. The problem I have with it was a really boring break. I kept running through each pack just to look for the hits as each card seemed the same. Usually I am a fan of base cards, but something was lacking here. I think some nice silver or gold foil-board parallels would really help this product and an addition of more inserts that don't look like the base cards. I do like how the Top Ten inserts were done and I would love to see more companies do that again. But overall, good value, but needs improvement.

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