Saturday, December 28, 2013

Do Cards Affect Which Teams You Root On In The Playoffs?

I for one admit that my cards affect who I root on in any sports playoff, whether I like the team or not. However, I do stick to three important rules. The first rule is obvious, my teams must be eliminated from the playoffs. Second rule, no matter the circumstances, I will not root on a New England team including the Patriots, Bruins, Red Sox, Celtics. Third rule only pertains football (because the Red Sox fall under rule 2), I will not root on a division rival. Outside of this, it's wide open.

For example, last years Super Bowl, I had to root on the Ravens. My Ravens cards surpassed the 49er ones I had. Even though I don't sell anything, I still like to see up arrows on important cards in my collection. The same rule applies for any sport such as last season's NBA Finals. I had to root the Heat on. I had better cards of them though I like underdogs to win and not the same teams (unless my own).

If my Giants are in the playoffs, expect me to be rooting on my team
So now with the Giants out of the running in the playoffs this year, expect me to be tweeting out or posting on Facebook about teams I am hoping to win. And now you will know the reason behind it.

I don't know if I am the only collector who does this or if you guys do to. But as always would love to hear your thoughts and especially hear if you do this as well.

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