Tuesday, December 24, 2013

DACardworld Christmas Break # 3: Totally Certified Football 2012

So for Christmas every year, I am allowed to give a list of what cards I want for Christmas. Out of that list a couple boxes would be chosen. I will break those down over the next few days to show you how we did.

The third box was one of my favorite all time products in Totally Certified was on sale dacardworld.com. And the one thing this Christmas I did specify due to the lack of good rookies in the 2013 class was that I wanted 2012 product. And my wishes came true.

Here is how I did and one hit was a nice one.

Blue parallel

Blue parallel jersey card. Really like the Rams gold colored jersey on this card. Really looks great.

Eli!! You know I am lovin this hit!

Cool design and nice swatch!

Was hoping this guy was the future for Indy...guess he could still be

 And BOOM! Luke Kuechly Totally Certified GOLD auto!
Not a bad break. Got an Eli jersey card and the Kuechly saved the overall break and was my first Gold from Totally Certified. Obviously finding bigger named rookies would have been more fun but not TOTALLY upset with this break.

Your thoughts are always encouraged and wait until the final break for Christmas..that one contained a monster! However, you will have to wait til the day after Christmas!


  1. As a panther fan, I'm loving the gold!! I think I may have to save up for one of these boxes as well. Not a bad box at all.