Sunday, December 15, 2013

Review: Totally Certified Football 2013

Box Break Down:
  • 6 Packs Per Box, 5 Cards Per Pack
  • Two Autographed Cards Per Box
  • Three Memorabilia Cards Per Box
  • Four Freshman Phenoms Per Box
  • 6 Hits Per Box
  • $110 per box

BASE CARDS: If you like micro etching like us, boy did Panini do a great job of it this year in Totally Certified. They completely remade the angles of how the micro etching is done. The flow or wave of the etching is spectacular.They even look great on this years new base card additions Freshman Phenoms and Thanksgiving which showcases all of the great moments in the Thanksgiving games. There are also autograph and parallels of those.

INSERTS: It took a second glance to notice this parallel but after reading card backs and seeing that Peyton's was numbered, we figured it was the blue parallel. And now upon appearance of it, you can see that the top and bottom corner colors are different. I do wished there was a better way to tell. Maybe "blue" the whole card.

There are other parallels to find as well! Usually two per box.

AUTOGRAPHS:  You usually find 3 autographs in a box. We were impressed to find two Freshman Fabric autographs. That must not happen too often. Both of them are up and coming stars. The design is remade this year as well. We like the balance on the card Panini used. There is just enough player, autograph, swatch and writing. The design team did great this year on the Freshman Fabric autos.

Our third autograph we have never heard of. But it's the Freshman Phenom design with an autograph on it.

JERSEY/PATCH CARDS:Micro-etching + jersey card=sweetness. Even plain and boring one color swatches look spectacular against the micro-etching.

Above we pulled one of our favorite dual jersey cards out there in Stitches In Time. We got one pairing the leagues top two tight ends. But you can also find other star players (current and retired) in this set including duals, triples and quads jersey cards, numbered from 299 to 25 or less.

OVERALL THOUGHTS: Another well designed football product release in 2013. I think companies have upped their game this season making products more appealing and adding more veteran content due to the lack of top rookies in the class. Panini definitely did that here. Product is a little steep in price for the average collector, but we recommend it. There is a lot of good finds in here and a very impressive card design for the overall product.

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