Monday, December 2, 2013

Upper Deck Spx auto/jersey Hakeem Nicks eBay Mail Day

As a bargain hunter, I am always searching for deals and when I stumbled upon this Hakeem Nicks (literally stumbled upon it when looking up Eli Manning cards and have no clue why he was listed that way) and found this at a bargain. Being not only a Giants fan, but Nicks fan as well, I had to add it. 

It's my first rookie auto of his and now will fit perfectly into my collection and will be something I will hold onto whether the Giants decide to hold onto Nicks after the season or not. Which by the way, in my opinion, they should. He may be having a down season, but this guy has big hands and is a HUGE play maker.

This card is also another example of why Upper Deck needs an NFL license again. I really miss Spx being an NFL product. I am not a huge fan of NCAA football or the cards. Hopefully someday they will get a shot at one. I would be happy seeing three NFL licenses again.

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