Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Beckett Files:COVERing My Collection

In the previous The Beckett Files, I discussed the price guides and whether you guys use them or not.

In this post, I want to take a look at something else I get Beckett's for, the covers. (Don't worry about this segment series ending quite yet however, I plan on going back inside the magazine in the next The Beckett Files)

I don't collect them as much as I used to, but in the 90's I would collect Beckett's specifically for who was on the cover and keep the magazine in the best condition I could. Storing them wasn't easy, but I found using sheet pages and binders worked best.

When it came to collecting the covers, it couldn't be just anybody on it. It had to feature either a special event or one of my PC players/teams. One of my bigger collection of Beckett's is of Griffey since I use to PC so much in the 90's.

This one was one of my favorite Griffey ones except I don't believe I ever got the 4 in the 24 cover. Either way, I always thought it looked cool.

Here's one with Griffey as a Red with Bonds and A-Rod. Obviously only one of these guys hit their home runs the truthful way.

And here is one of the latest Beckett's discussing Griffey's introduction into the Hall Of Fame. This one obviously had to find it's way in the collection.
Some of my other favorite magazines over the time are the June 1990 issue with Bo Jackson on the cover, 1990 July Ken Griffey Jr cover, A Brett Favre one (can't remember the year but it had a cool jersey design to it) and of course the Super Bowl 46 Champions NY Giants to just name a few. There are others, believe me.

I tried to cut down on collecting these as much as I am putting my main focus of my collecting strictly on cards and nothing else. But, if the occasional one pops up that I think I need, well, I will most likely grab it. Especially if it involves Griffey or the NY Giants.

So don't make me feel alone in collecting these. How many of you collect Becketts for their covers? Which one is your favorite if you do?


  1. For years I collected every magazine with Griffey on the cover, I still have a number of his Becketts, SI and Tuff Stuff magazines in my collection.

  2. I don't mess with magazines too much. More of a storage and display issue. I have a Sports Illustrated with Jerry West on the cover that is signed and framed on my wall. Other than that the majority of my magazines are old Pirate team yearbooks.

  3. I have a few Beckett Basketball magazines from the 90's with my favorite players on the covers.

  4. I love 90's Becketts! Both for their excellent bathroom reading content... and their covers. I wrote about my favorite covers a few years ago:

  5. I have some extras of Griffey magazines I don't see here that you can have...