Thursday, March 31, 2016

Time For A Gatorade Bath And An Autograph or Two

Yesterday I showcased my first purchase with my Steiner Sports Browns QB promo gift card, today I am showcasing the other purchase. The one I had to have.

The timing on my gift card couldn't have arrived any better, Steiner was running a sale on certain items and one of the items was for a dual signed photo from Super Bowl 42 featuring Giants FB Madison Hedgecock and 2-time Super Bowl winning coach and one of my favorite all-time coaches, Tom Coughlin.

This 16x20 photo is full of color (they had a sepia toned version one on sale too but I liked this one much more), life and feature two autographs I don't have and wanted, especially Coughlins.
I wished the Giants could had made the kinda splashes they made this year in Free Agency in past years when Coughlin was coach and maybe he wouldn't have had to "step down" after last season. Images of another Lombardi trophy pop in my head thinking about it.

Either way, there is no argument that this guy is heading to the Hall and I wanted to make sure I added his autograph before he does so.

Thank you Tom for all that you did for the Giants organization and thank you Steiner Sports for running that Browns QB promo.

What do you guys think of this addition? Do you collect coach autos?

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  1. I have a few coaches/managers autographs in my collection: Ron Wilson, Todd McLellan, Mike Sherman, Chuck Knox, Roger Craig, Tony LaRussa, Bobby Cox, Dick Williams, Whitey Hertzog, and Billy Martin to name a few. Plus there's a slew of guys like Don Mattingly, Byron Scott, Pete Rose, and Jim Harbaugh whose signatures I have... but they're from their playing days.

    P.S. Congratulations on taking advantage of that deal. I totally dropped the ball and forgot to send in my Couch autograph.