Tuesday, March 1, 2016

#SCC4YR! Happy Blogversary Sport Card Collectors!

Four years today I started blogging.


I sometimes can't fathom how long I have been blogging on here and the many changes and shifts I have made over those four years. How many ups and downs that have come along with blogging as well. I think all of us bloggers have those days of "why am I still on here?" "Do I really have to post??" "What age is blogtirement age?" "Is it over yet?"

Believe me, despite my daily dedication to blogging on here, I go through those same thoughts and 2015 was probably the most I have ever thought about them. It seemed many things were down in 2015, after a Super Bowl type of year in 2014. Comments were down, blog followers went down by 12, contest entrants were down and even those who claimed their prizes were down. There are other things that have dropped off too but I don't want to spend a day of celebration ranting of the worst. I want to move forward and think positive. That's the way I live my life as well.

So let's see how Year 4 matched up to previous years, here is the breakdown:

Year One, Sport Card Collectors blog had 68,169 overall views. 695 Twitter Followers and 118 Facebook LIKES.

Year Two, Sport Card Collectors blog grew to 205,240 overall views, 2,206 Followers on Twitter and 147 Facebook LIKES.

Year Three, Sport Card Collectors blog grew to 340,841 overall views, 3,576 Followers on Twitter and  159 Facebook LIKES. 

Year Four, Sport Card Collectors blog grew to  483,217 overall views,  4,494 Followers on Twitter and  431 Facebook LIKES. 

It wasn't a bad year in terms of gaining views as that went up again, Facebook Likes went crazy and Twitter followers made a few leaps as well.

Some of my highlights among the fours years as a blogger, include being named a 3-time Panini Player Of The Day Blog Champion (2 years co-winner), receiving a tremendous UDRAK (Upper Deck Random Acts Of Kindness) for all that I give back to the hobby, and finishing second out of hundreds of blogs for the 2014 Blog Of The Year in the Bip Awards (which I was hoping would return for 2015 but it seems no blogger awards this year). 

I also had a 4200+ view day on here as well this past year, which far exceeds my average of 300. Another proud moment is also never missing ONE SINGLE DAY on here in 4 years and I have totaled over 2600 posts. I have accomplished a lot to me.

Before I close up today's post, I want to say a few thanks as well to those who have played a role in the success of Sport Card Collectors. Thank you to Tracy Hackler, Scott Prusha, Jason Howarth and the Panini crew for their continued support of four years with providing prizes with reviews and for the POD contests. Thank you to BCW Supplies as well with providing prizes for contests and their support..And another thanks goes out to Cryptozoic for their support as well in helping me reward you guys. Make sure to check them all out and give them a follow on all social media sites.

I also wanted to thank the other sport card bloggers who added me to their blog list this past year. I hope to add more blogs to my read list and I hope others will add me to theirs in this next upcoming year. It's a very nice community to be apart of.

In closing, as I stated above, with every coming year of blogging, I always find ways to try and improve what I do on here and find ways to keep everyone interested for the next year. Hence all of the changes I do.Seeing how 2015 was down in certain areas, I see a need to do some revamping which you will notice starting tomorrow.

And finally, I have a tough decision to make on what to do moving forward with the Hampton Cardboard Craze blog. It hasn't caught on as well as I had hoped, but I know building a blog can take time and patience. I am just not sure if after four years of doing this one that I have that kind of patience anymore. I know I said I wouldn't back down or quit on it, but I may do so and break my word. If that was to happen, it would definitely make its appearance on here instead as a segment. Hopefully if I have to give it up I can finally realize that one blog is enough.

Thanks for reading and checking out Sport Card Collectors. Hope to see you back here again tomorrow!


  1. Congrats on 4 years! Here's to 4 more and many more after that!

  2. I keep blogging because it gives a purpose to my collecting. If I didn't share my cards online then I'd just be a guy in his basement accumulating cardboard. There's not necessarily anything wrong with that, but I enjoy being a part of the blogging community.

    As far as the Hampton Cardboard Craze blog not growing quickly, I think any time you have a niche blog with a narrow focus it's going to be hard to grow readership by much. If you're going to do a blog like that it has to be mostly for your own benefit, because you can't force people to be interested in a New York Giants player from the 90's unless he is a popular Hall of Fame-type player or otherwise has a big fan following.

    1. I am with you on that! No point in keeping Cardboard to yourself.

      And thanks for the advice on the Hampton blog. I haven't decided if I am ditching it yet. It's a passion posting no matter what so I may continue to post on it when I find time.

  3. Congrats on your 4th year. Blah, blah, blah, Blogtirement? What the heck is that? There's no retirement in BLOGGING! Well OK maybe there is, but it ain't over till you say its over. Even then folks have been known to return. It doesn't happen often but it happens sometimes.

    1. Yup I have seen it. I don't plan on quitting any time soon. Too addicted to it

  4. Congratulations on your fourth blogiversary.!

  5. Congratulations on your milestone my friend!

  6. Wow, I cannot believe that it has been four years already. Congrats man! Keep up the good work we all appreciate what you do for us and the hobby!

    1. Thanks my friend! Thanks for being around for so many years too!