Monday, March 14, 2016

March Madness Card Companies Round 1 CONT. (Winners Revealed!)

It was a weekend of epic match-ups for Part 1 of Round 1. It had Topps vs Upper Deck and Cryptozoic vs Leaf and both match-ups came down to the final day. There were four teams but only two could advance.....those two teams both won by one vote.....congrats to....


So long to Upper Deck and Leaf. Thanks for participating and good luck next year as Topps and Cryptozoic move onto the next round. Who will they face? Well, that is what today's voting that ends on Wednesday is about.

Here are the match-ups.

Cardboard Division
Benchwarmers vs SA-GE

Acetate Division
Rittenhouse vs Panini America

Good luck to these four teams and please remember to vote. Takes just a second. Polls can be found on the right side of the blog. To vote on a mobile device, you will need to view the blog in web version.

Feel free to make predictions on these match-ups below!

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  1. Sage definitely has a nice niche in the card business but Benchwarmers has hot girls. That said I won't be surprised if Sage takes it but I expect a close one. Panini though should win big. They are a huge player in the market right now. I love non sport cards so Rittenhouse has a big place in my heart. Still I think they may get steamrolled.