Thursday, March 17, 2016

The Art Of Odell Beckham Jr

I follow many artists on Twitter for a variety of reasons, but it's mostly to view their work because each of them is unique in their own way. One of the ones I follow is @daringsharpe and his sports art and design work is really impressive and beautiful. He makes players look so life-like and adds amazing blends of colors that the picture grabs you and won't let you go.

He recently hosted a print contest for the one and only, Odell Beckham Jr. How could I not enter it???

I mean, look at it.....
Yeah, you can stop drooling now. 

Luckily a few days later I came out on top and was the random winner! What a perfect fit for my man cave with the other Giants stuff I own.

A big thanks to Matthew Sharpe for the sports print as it looks great on my wall.

What do you guys think of sports art? Do you collect it? Do you own any? What's the best piece you have? Let me hear ya in comments!

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