Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Frozen Dinners+Cards

You ever have those moments when you are in a grocery store and just want something quick to eat? Well, if you are like me, you hit up the frozen aisle for a quick meal.

Upon searching the aisle, I stumbled upon this....

Yes, it's a kids meal. But, it says some key words on the front, FREE CARD INSIDE. So being hungry and a card collector, I was sold.
I purchased the meal and brought it home excited like a child would be. Despite it being a kids meal and Battlecast, I was still happy that I would fill some of my hunger need and I would also get myself a FREE card. The meal also provided me the opportunity to post about it today because it got me to thinking, what would happen if Panini, Topps and Upper Deck did this?

Can you imagine the children they could reach? They may not grab the meal for the free card like us card collectors would, but, if the card companies were to put an all-star caliber player inside the box sort of like cereal boxes of the 90's, a kid might make a connection to it after they open it. If they can make a connection, you never know where that may lead.
For those players I mentioned to put in a product like this, I would recommend big names that you see EVERYWHERE. The ones kids see on TV, SportsCenter, product advertisements and commercials and even on Nickelodeon. You know, LeBron James, Derek Jeter, Peyton Manning, and even Russell Wilson. Players they can be excited about and maybe even brag or trade with their friends.

Of course, if the food companies started putting these free cards into Hungry Man meals, they may add to their sales as well. At least from me.
I have always seen food as a HUGE target combo with sports cards. Everyone has to eat and nothing is more exciting to a child then getting a special meal like one of these dinners or food from a fast food joint. It's rewarding to them and gives parents a night off from cooking. Double win. Add sport cards, triple win.

So to me, Battlecast made a great move here in promoting their product and I think sport cards would integrate just as well if done right or at least attempted.

Oh, in case you were wondering what card I pulled from the package, here it is. I am not familiar with Battlecast, but seems Pokemon-ish.
So what are your thoughts on this? Do you think card companies should try this approach? What other food products, not cereal, do you think they could target that would be popular to kids (I would recommend Lunchables)?


  1. I like the idea. For years there were cards on everything from cereal boxes, Twinkies (and other cake type snacks), and even Kraft Macaroni & Cheese. Actually one of the first card sets that I collected were disc cards that were on containers of Jiffy Pop, I still have a couple from the early 80s in one of my 5,000 ct. boxes. Even now I chase food/candy product cards for my Griffey and Jay Buhner collections.

  2. When Tysons had the Warner Bros Cartoon character cards/stickers in their meals in the early 1990s I went through several of those things to get the full set. I have duplicates of some of them. If I recall they came two cards to a meal attached together. Oddly enough I don't think I have any still attached in pairs.

  3. My kids love Eggo's. They should put them in or on those boxes!

  4. As sad as this sounds... I'm 43 years old and probably would buy this tv dinner if I came across them at my grocery store. Why do I need or want a Stealth Elf card? Who knows... but food issues rule.