Monday, March 28, 2016

Top 5:1991 Upper Deck Baseball (500+) Base Cards

Oh yes, the simple yet elegant base cards Upper Deck put out the first three years they were in the hobby. Even with a border, they knew exactly what they were doing and even though the designs were similar, they just continued to up-their-game and make a presence in the hobby.

Today, I want to take a look at my Top 5 favorite base cards from number 500 and up. You may agree on some, but not others. That's what makes this hobby fun, difference of opinions and difference of likes. If we all felt the same, well, we would be pretty bored.

Starting at #5, Joe Carter doing the original "bat flip". Wonder his thought on Bautistas....

#4 you just want to say FORE! or I got it, I got it, I got it! You don't see a lot of these kinda angles anymore. I will also note I totally dig these Expo uni's.

#3 has you wondering how often do you get to see images of players signing things at ball games on cards? Answer, not very often. I like the images that capture more than just the game on the field and showcases a bit of a players personality as some won't sign..

#2 is not only is this Faries rookie, being able to capture this moment on the field is amazing. Safe, out, you make the call. Dirt on the plate too!

And #1, I know it's nothing over the top spectacular, but, sliding is just as important in baseball as a bat and ball. Once again, Upper Deck went above and beyond with this image of Fernandez helping us feel like we are right there on the base waiting try and tag him.

I think my selection of the Top 5 cards from 1991 Upper Deck cards #d 500 and up is pretty solid. However, would love to hear your take! Would you choose one over the other on this list? Do you have your own list from cards #500 and up? Are you offended I left the Bagwell rookie off this list? Let me hear it!


  1. Had to use COMC as a photo reference, but here are five I though were cool:

    #554 Jim Abbott: one handed pitcher... bunting
    #566 Kevin Appier: weird pitching action shot
    #666 Mickey Hatcher: big glove = cool card
    #752 Paul Faries: great action shot
    #777 Joe Slusarski: triple image = super cool card

  2. This is one of my favorite sets ever. Now I'm going to go lose myself at COMC looking at other photos from this one.

  3. Remember the smell of opening a pack of Upper Deck? Nothing like it! Thanks for the stroll down memory lane.

  4. Oh man...I remember my first UD cards...I didn't start collecting them until 1990, because I thought $1 a pack was outrageous...But I did go back and put a set of 1989's together...I remember the smell...It got me thinking about the 1992 Fleer Ultra cards and the smell they had...Cards don't have that rich history anymore, the smell, the sounds of the packs being opened, the wax or gum stains anymore...Our youth is wasted on the young...